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Postings by Mathias in February 2009

Reviewing Patches

One of the new Giggle features I am most proud of is the new patch view, which only shows one chunk at a time and let's you navigate between chunks using the file list, toolbar buttons or hotkeys (Alt+Up, Alt+Down). At the same time it also is the most criticised feature of the new Giggle. So I wonder how to improve that view.

Giggle Diff View

I've introduced that feature because seeing the entire patch at a time distracts me easily. When reviewing patches I want to focus on one change at a time. Clearly not an option (in my opinion) is to introduce a switch to just show the full patch. I'd break that mode far too often cause I'd never use it. That opinion is based on Havoc Pennington's excellent article about "Free software UI". Don't miss the chapter "The Question of Preferences".

So I want to know:

  1. Why is seeing the entire patch important for you?
  2. How much information do you need from a patch at a time?
  3. Which ideas do you have for improving the patch view?

Keeping my own ideas for myself right now, as I am playing the "Ask the Audience" lifeline.

Bin schon groß, kann das alleine

Marc-André just figured out how to use a spoon for eating noodle mash. Everytime his spoon successfully reaches his mouth, he looks at me proudly with a bold smile. Too bad that he is a tech geek already and would completely lose focus when seeing a camera.

And caution! Don't even think about helping him with guiding the spoon. He'll protest immediately. If he'd speak already he'd say "Bin schon groß, kann das alleine!" for sure. :-)

Publishing a single git branch

Scott, your blog seems to be down. Therefore this way:

# create target repository
GIT_DIR=/tmp/stuff git init --bare

# tell git about that new repository
git remote add stuff /tmp/stuff

# publish your branch
git push stuff some-branch:master

# verify that everything worked
git clone /tmp/stuff /tmp/check

For what ever reason "git clone" expects a master branch to exist in each repository. By renaming "some-branch" to "master" when pushing you make "git clone" happy.

Giggle 0.4.90

Lennart just poked me if it isn't about time to make a Giggle release. There are more than 248 commits since the last release, seems he is right.

Code, wiki and bug tracker have been moved from Immendio to github, and

What has changed since 0.4? Quite alot. Most important changes are those:

Note that this is an unstable development release. It still contains quite some bugs and reggressions.

Tarballs are are