Mathias Hasselmann

Using DBus as lock-daemon

Recently I found this comment in the source code I am working with:

// what if both processes read in the same time and write at the same time, no increment

Please! Don't do such things! Don't just leave such comments in hope someone else will come around and will fix later. Please take the time to apply a locking mechanism.

Obvious choice when dealing with files would be to create a lock file. Unfortunately creating a file based lock isn't trivial, especially when you deal with portable software. Questions arise like: Is that system call really atomic in this context? Is the feature even available? Which characters can be used in the file name? Can it start with a dot? How much time does it take? Will it reduced lifetime of my flash media?

Uh, my head is spinning! Stop!!!

Somewhat understandable that my colleague just left a comment.

Well, fortunatly there is a more trivial solution for that problem. If you have DBus available. More experienced DBus hackers already know and will feel bored now, but to everyone else:

DBus service names can be used as locking mechanism!

Implementation would look similar to this:


now some work...


Easy, not? Doesn't hit the file system. Fully implemented. Ready to use. Daily tested at your desktop.

One implementation of that concept can be found in qtcontacts-tracker.

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