Michael Hasselmann

Decent examples, at last!

Jon spent a lot of time in the last weeks improving our documentation for Maliit. However, while documentation is good (and necessary), Jon thinks that examples are better. I can only agree with that.

I am planning to use Jon's example material for an input method workshop at one of the upcoming MeeGo Freedays (German only) here in Berlin, just to see how useful it is for newcomers.

Maliit starts to feel more and more like a real open-source project, and I am proud of that. Just compare our wiki from end of February with the current, information-packed version, or take a look at the steady traffic on our own mailing list (started only in March this year). Or perhaps just try googling it!

I am really happy to eventually see real contributions and input method plugins from others, which makes me think that we are on a good way.

But this is still only the beginning, and more interesting news will follow soon.

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