Michael Hasselmann

The infrastructure of the Maliit project

Maliit T-Shirts! It took us a while to transform the Maliit project into a real opensource project. At first there was only public code, later some wiki pages @ meego.com together with constantly changing components in the official MeeGo bugtracker, then a public mailing list.

After that we tried to become independent of MeeGo, but neither freedesktop.org nor the GNOME project could give us a suitable home. So we had to go with our own infrastructure in the end, which probably was the best we could do, in any case. We now enjoy our own website (mostly a wiki, for which we can also analyze the traffic), our own IRC channel, our own public bugtracker, our own mailing lists and a build bot. We also make use of other services such as launchpad.org and the openSUSE Build Service, both for packaging but also as part of our continouous integration setup. Both services provide nightly builds for Maliit, for example (though we still lack packages for ARM).

But there was always one thing missing: T-Shirts. Now that this is solved, too, we can finally call Maliit a real opensource project ;-) Hopefully we'll soon have another group photo of the people who've been involved in the project over the years. I'll make sure to bring a couple of T-Shirts to FOSDEM, so make sure grab Jon or me if you want one.

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