Postings on June 18, 2011

Qt Contributors Summit is over

Really enjoyed the Qt Contributors Summit. Nice, open minded people. Café Moskau turned out as awesome location for technical orientated meetings.

Even held my own little session about my griefs with QObject life-cycle. We found some few chances for improvement, but we also sadly had to conclude that proper two-phase construction and destruction isn't possible in C++, unless you forbid stack allocation and usage of the delete operator. Actually had my little pervert moment of pleasure when realising that Thiago seems a bit jealous for the freedom GObject gets from plain C.

Still wondering a bit if there's really no way to implement proper two-phase destruction in C++. Must we really bribe the C++ standard committee to enhance the specification?

I am attending the Qt Contributors' Summit

Input methods and Wayland in Qt5

I was attending the Qt Contributors' Summit 2011. During the key note, it was promised that everything is up for discussion so I took my chance to discuss about improving input methods support for Qt5.

Maliit Architecture Overview

After some initial discussions with Kristian Høgsberg (Wayland, of course) and Jørgen Lind (who works on Qt Lighhouse), I also addressed Wayland. It became clear that one needs some kind of input method interface directly in Wayland. Kristian immediately started with a small prototype, in order to explain better how a Wayland compositor can provide a much better window management policy than what we currently have with Maliit and X11.

I think the session itself was really successful. I was surprised at the strong interest in this topic.

It became apparent that we should do something about Qt's input context API. For instance, add more input methods hints, come up with a better interface that describes the focus widget, preedit handling, orientation support and so on.

Now we only need to agree on how to make it happen :-)