Postings on June 22, 2011

Firefox does silent major version update!?

First I was just annoyed by Firefox's "your browser has been updated and must be restarted nagging banner": It slides in with an annoying animation with each tab you open. Even if you closed it. There is no "nag me not" button. GUYS! I'VE GOT WORK TO DO! On an internal website. This site is secure. I promise: "I won't visit that malware ridden Internet before restarting. Really!"

But then searching for a release log - again no link or button in the nag screen - I clicked the about dialog and almost fell of my chair:



Checking system packages.

more confusion

How comes I've got a silent major version upgrade of Firefox!?

insults filling the head

Are you the new IT bad boys? Like those that motivated building free desktops years ago? Is that really your goal?

Disclaimer: Sorry for disturbing your morning. Call me stupid if you prefer. This had to be posted.
Second Disclaimer: Italic portions are edited text since Planet GNOME editors found my blog post insulting.

Update: Issue was caused by Ubuntu's update manager silently installing security updates by default, and Firefox 5 being marked as such. Some things are worth to reconsider I'd say.