Postings on November 1, 2011

Devhelp books in QtCreator

Had a few problems focusing on my work today, so I came up with this little hack: A script converting devhelp books into Qt help collections.

Searching GTK3 docs in QtCreator

Together with QtCreator's autotools plugin it should help turning QtCreator into a proper GNOME IDE.

Next steps: Let QtCreator index devhelp books automatically. Also on my wishlish: A code model for GObject properties and signals, and Glade integration.

Well, now back to real work.

Better key override support for Maliit

Dynamic key overrides in Maliit's Quick plugin

Krzesimir Nowak joined Openismus in the beginning of August this year. Not only is he a very talented developer (or, as I once said, the first one to actually fill the gap Daniel left), but he's also fun to work with.

Just before I went on my vacations in September, I left him with some nice tasks to improve one of the cool features in Maliit: Dynamic key overrides. The way I had set up the tasks I knew he would trip over bits of hideous code and seeing how he could deal with it was part of the exercise.

For now, Krzesimir's work on Maliit is finished. With 25 commits, two of them being bug fixes in said ugly code, Krzesimir did an outstanding job while thoroughly understanding and fixing one of Maliit's core features in a rather short time span. Of course he will tell you that it took him way too long ;-)

Thanks for your contribution, Krzesimir, and well done!