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Impressions from GUADEC 2010

Arrived in Amsterdam on Jul 22. First person I bumped into was Marc-Andre, fun. Already saw more of that city in one afternoon than I managed during the Maemo Desktop Summit in 2009.

Enjoyed trip to House of Bols on monday, Holland House Improved FTW (you won't find it on their website). Free shots got me squiffy. Bought passion liquor (let's hope Jon is trustworthy).

Met the trainees later the day and went to the Hague. Nice city, not as crazy as Amsterdam. Liked the sea side + grote markt.

GUADEC itself was great. Should have looked into the user-centric-design workshop I guess, but missed the one on monday, and the other overlaped with a talk, oh well. ClutterSmith looks fun. Compared to how you'd have to use Qt's graphics view + state machine framework, to get something similar, I prefer the tool-based approach that hides all the boring code from me, but allows me to focus on the transition logic.

MX and St are thinking about a remerge, that's a good thing. In overall, GNOME Shell looks a lot more promising now.

Let's see whether we can make GUADEC 2011 in Berlin as good as this one.

Back from Maemo Summit 2009

So I am back from Maemo Summit 2009. Great people. Great show. Great talks. Great venue: Enjoyed it quite much to walk arround in the Westerpark, Marc-André loved the petting zoo.

Hotest topic, of course: The N900. Thank you Nokia for lending those devices: Feels so good to finally have one for personal use! Finally got ideas for some private N900 hacking when reflecting responses to Travis' and my talk.

Another hot topic was DRM on Harmattan. Fortunately David Greaves came to similar conclusions like I've reached so far: Maemo Security - Lockdown or Liberation. Could be I'm just a weirdo, but I seriously hope for game developers targeting Maemo: Already called Rover "My next Wii" in jokes for its nice screen and the acceleration sensor.

Well, and then there still was this disappointment about Nokia moving to Qt as their prefered UI toolkit. Actually I wonder why people see this as problem: GTK+ was created without Microsoft or IBM holding our hands, so why does everyone expect Nokia to hold our hands for Maemo? If we really care about this platform, it should be absolutely possible for us to provide a proper GTK+ based toolkit for Maemo 6. Ideally Nokia would publish Layout guides and stuff early, so that we would not have to play catchup too much after device launch. Motivation and specs. More should not be needed. Really.